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Led Light Led Light 1000W – 500W Torch Light Torch light 7 inch – 5 inch Led Torch 144 AS Led Light 1000W Kino Flo Kino Flo 120cm Kino Flo 60cm Kino Flo 8 bank Joker Bug Joker Bug 800W Joker Bug 400W Open Phase Open Phase 2000 Remote Control Led Light Led Fresnel Light Cosmolight Cosmolight 4 Bulb Dino Light Dino light 12000W Sound Equipment Sound Mixer Shure FP33 Mixer Yamaha DM1000 V2 Yamaha DM1000 Yamaha LS9-16 Shure FP33 664 Field Production Mixer 552 Production Mixer 664 Field Production Mixer CL-6 Input Expander Behringer MX882 Ultra link Splitter Graphic Equalizer dbx iEQ31 Audio Recorder Zoom H-6 Distribution Amplifier Whirlwind DA-2 Portable HD Voice / Mobile Phones Glensound GS-MPI004 HD Audio Support BeachTek DXA-SLR BSS AR-133 Sennheiser SKP 2000 Snake Cable 50m Junction Box Microphones Sennheiser 2000 ENG Sennheiser EW100-G2 Sennheiser EW100-G3 Sennheiser EW100-G3 Sennheiser EW 135 G3 Sennheiser G3 112-p Sennheiser MKE 1 Sennheiser MKH 60 Sennheiser Mkh 70 Shure mx418 Shure PG81 Shure SM 81 Shure SM57 Headset Sennheiser HD 25-II Sennheiser HD 280 PRO Speakers JBL EON 515 JBL PRX 615 JBL PRX 618XLF Video Switchers Switchers processors FOR-A Video Switcher Converter-Teranex 2D Processor Video Processor HD Video Recorder PIX 270i Sony PMW EX30 XD Cam Recorder Magic Arm Manfrotto Magic Arm Gobo Stand Baby Gobo Stand Medium Gobo Stand Lighting Stand C-Stand Dino Stand Lighting Accessories Big Gaffer Clamp Gaffer Clamp Spring Type Gobo Head C Clamp G Clamp Small G Clamp Memory Cards CF700X UDMA6 128GB Lexar 800x UDMA7 64GB Lexar 1000x UDMA7 128GB SanDisk Extreme Pro (16GB) SanDisk Extreme Pro (64GB) Wise Video + UDMA7 (128GB) SanDisk SSD Extreme 2 (480GB) Sony SxS 64GB (SBS-64G1A) Sony SxS Pro 16 GB Sony SxS Pro 8 GB Sony SxS Pro 32 GB SanDisk Ultra 64 GB Micro SDHC Wise S2 64GB Imation 4 GB SDHC Sony SxS 128GB Batteries Swit (S-8972) Battery Li-ion Battery For Sony Cam Chargers FC-AN Charger (4 Channel) FC-BP Charger (4 Channel) FC-BP Charger (Single Channel) FC-BP Charger (2 Channel) Cables Sandbags Metal Weight Ladder Apple Box Card Reader Lexar USB 3 Dual Slot Monitor Monitor Stand Big Monitor Stand With Trolly Monitor Screen Sony 21 inch (LMD-2050W) Philips 55PFL6606H/12 S-1070H LCD Marshall 7 inch (V-LCD70XP-HDMI) S-1090H 9-inch Wondlan 7-inch Blackmagic SmartView Duo 8\ S-1090H 7-inch Walkie Talkie Intercom set Axxent Intercom Set HME Intercom Set (Wireless) DX200 Generator KOSHIN GE-7200XS Dolphin 2.5KV Gesan 110 KV ARRIFLEX EXTREME 435 ARRI ALEXA XT PLUS ARRI ALEXA PLUS ARRI AMIRA RED EPIC DRAGON RED EPIC M SI2K SILICON IMAGING SONY PMW F3 BLACK MAGIC DESIGN SONY F65 8K CANON C300 SONY PMW F55 PHANTOM FLEX 4K SONY CINEALTA PMW350 SONY PMW-EX3 XDCAM CANON 5D MARK3 CANON 5D MARK2 CANON EOS 7D CANON EOS-1DS MARK II SONY DSR450 WSPL SONY DSR-PD170 XR CAPTURE DRIVE 512 GB CODEX CAPTURE DRIVE DOCK REDMAG 1.8" SSD 128GB RED STATION REDMAG 1.8" EXTREME SOLID STATE FREECOM HARD DRIVE DOCK OCNNOR 2575D VELBON CX 640 EASYRIG CAVISION 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Latest Production Facilities

At Media Mania, we truly believe that knowledge, practice and constant evolution lead to prosperity, and our continued expansion across the region is testament to that approach

Outside Broadcasting Units “OB Van”:
OB Van One with up to 20 cameras capacity unit
OB Van Two with up to 20 cameras capacity unit
Mixers with multiple input/output capabilities, various sizes or matrix, a complete system chain with broadcast
monitoring, a comprehensive talkback system, various sizes of fully featured audio desk systems, servers,
support for both cabled and RF camera channels and support for shared edit systems and routers.
Flyaway Kit:
For situations where deploying an OB truck is impractical or impossible, our flyaway systems provide cost effective television production solutions. By making the most of advances in technology and combining that with our innovative approach, we have produced a system that brings significant cost savings without compromising the quality and reliability of your outside broadcast production.
Delivery of TV signal via satellite “DSNG”:
Signals are beamed between the van and a geostationary satellite, and then between the satellite and a control room for the broadcast station or network, providing a solid, reliable, high capacity link between the broadcaster and the production.
Live Web Streaming:
Delivering live video of your event from the location production to a global audience with flawless, scalable performance. Coordinating the delivery of your content via satellite or fiber circuits.
Film/TV Production:
With high production values and a highly experienced team dedicated to providing the very best output possible. No matter the project, we have the team, the equipment, and the motivation to provide the very best service possible. From feature films and short films to newscasts and television commercials, we have a track record of producing results. We have extensive experience of producing Government promotional videos, marketing videos and infomercials that get results as well as video clips, corporate documentaries and newscasts to inform and engage. Our extensive television work provides professional production to the highest quality standards in a wide variety of genres including sitcoms, cartoons, sports, soaps, drama, talk shows, reality TV and many more.
Video Content:
For strategic marketing campaigns, including PR and external communication videos, as well as time sensitive promotional content, web based video content for both websites and social media campaigns, and educational video content.
Animated Infographics video:
Perfect for video marketing and inserting into any sales video that requires data representation. By pairing animation with engaging ideas your video can go viral around the world.
Post Production:
By using the latest practices and technologies available we are able to provide the highest quality video editing, animation, visual effects and color grading for your project. Using modern, time efficient workflow provided by our cutting edge software and powered by the latest computer systems, we have the expertise and equipment to bring life to your dreams. Similarly, our sound production uses the very latest processes and equipment, providing state of the art sound editing, sound design and sound mix services to compliment the visual excellence of any video production.
On site video edit suite:
A video editing team equipped with the very latest portable technology that can site themselves wherever convent close to your event to enable the fastest possible product delivery. Speed of delivery can be crucial for social media reports, direct edited reports or TV Broadcasting.
Aerial Drone Shots:
Offering a new perspective, our skilled drone operators can provide:
• 4K resolution live broadcast feed from up to 1000 meters away
• Aerial photography and filming of commercial property
• Aerial Video for Film and TV production
• Aerial Drone Photography and video for estate agents
• Aerial surveys and inspections of construction sites
• Aerial inspections of roofs, towers and chimneys
• UAV Aerial event photography
• UAV Aerial sports photography
Using our state-of-the-art advanced camera equipment, we can deliver live feed imagery to either a public or private web page to provide a comprehensive tool for project supervision. You can view sections of work from a particular day, week, month or year in user customizable video clips that allow fast evaluation of any incident or activity. Whether used for long term construction projects, time-lapse projects, project progression videos, annual video reports, live feeds of the natural world, cityscapes or the industrial landscape, or even hyper-lapse videos, our systems provide the tools and solutions you need for high quality video. Our systems include comprehensive filters to remove unwanted flicker or abrupt colour changes, allowing the highest quality output possible.
Professional Film/ TV Crew Hire:
Carefully selected and organized based upon experience level, our crew are highly professional and dedicated to providing the manpower you need, when you need it.
Get in touch with us for a booking, it is so simple to arrange, just let us know the dates and your project requirements and we will take care of the rest.
Film/ TV Equipment Rental:
We constantly strive to keep ourselves at the forefront of technological advancements and ensure we have the most advanced, effective equipment on the market.
Media Mania were one of the first production facilities to acquire a complete filming-to-post-processing 4K workflow to ensure the very highest quality output possible for your needs.
Stages, Lighting, and Sound for events:
Our theatrical services and comprehensive range of equipment is designed to meet the needs of your event, whatever the size or scope. From stage lighting to audio, video production, LED screens for both outdoor and indoor applications, comprehensive event wide communications systems, rigging, stage curtains, sets and staging, our team can deliver the event you want, every time.