Virtual Meetings

Meetings and events are now possible!

Using our multi layered solution we allow big productions and events to still be possible all while maintaining social distancing rules and insuring the safety of participants, meetings can occur thanks to our digital applications integration into our production solution. We support various digital platforms, multiple participants can join in and even be involved during the show.


Moving into the future with our Virtual Sets solution

Virtual sets in today's production world offer many benefits, it allows production projects to be done safely, over long distances and even remotely with participants working from the comfort of their home, while still maintaining a professional corporate feel overall.

We offer solutions that enable custom made designs and sets that satisfy the client's needs while still maintaining the quality and integrity of the production, without risking breaking social distancing rules or the safety of anyone involved.


Welcome to our Virtual Productions Section

In today's world and due to COVID-19, most events are moving towards virtual or remote approach, as a result we made sure to stay updated and capable to satisfy the needs of today's market. We offer solutions for virtual meetings, events and virtual productions utilizing many solutions such as Virtual meeting solutions (meetings over digital methods such as zoom meetings or many other solutions), streaming over multiple platforms and many other solutions to insure production doesn't stop but is done safely and reliably.

Future is now

The future is now at your fingertips..

With today's new platforms and rapidly developing technology, there is no reason why events or productions should be delayed or even canceled, contact us and we will bring your productions and events to life with no risk or hazards, all while maintaining the quality and integrity of your production.